This one is more of a double article link, because I found one while checking out the other. As previously linked articles have shown, the Hollywood community doesn’t always know how things work in the real world. Then again, if everything in a movie or TV show worked the way they did in real life, they’d be kind of boring. Sure, “weaponized math” sounds great if you were a fan of Numbers or Danica McKellar. (And if you ARE Danica McKellar, I’m totally available. Call me.)

5 Weapon Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks To Movies) shows that sniping isn’t all that exciting, dogfights would put Maverick and Iceman to sleep, and swords and machine guns are not as cool as your gaming console thinks it is. In the same vein 5 Myths About the Military You Believe (Thanks To Movies) is written by an actual soldier and clears up everything Hollywood likes to screw up, positive and negative, about life in the armed forces. I’m not trying to be a killjoy with these. I just like pointing out to people who keep demanding realism that you should be careful what you ask for.

Danica McKellar at a book signing

Also, seriously, Danica. Call me. We’ll have ice cream or something.

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