Now that’s more like it.

Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #0

DC Comics (November, 2012)

WRITER: Joe Harris
PENCILER: Yildiray Cinar
INKER: Marlo Alwuiza
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern
“FIRESTORM” CREATORS: Gerry Conway & Al Milgrom

After the events of the previous, ignored by me, issues, Ronnie and Jason try to settle back into their lives, believing that everything is behind them. However, evidence of their old powers emerge and the return of Helix show they really aren’t–especially after they fuse into a brand new Firestorm, with Ronnie on point and Jason in the passenger seat.

What they got right: Now here’s the comic I wanted a year ago. The previous comic had Ronnie and Jason with their own powers: Jason could transmute matter and Ronnie tossed nuclear energy bursts. I didn’t mind that. It was a fresh take on the concept…and then it went horribly wrong with the kids wanted terrorists (they were innocent), various parts of the backstory, and them merging into Fury, who might as well be the Hulk. Instead we have two kids trying to balance their high-school lives and their time as Firestorm while learning to get along–as it should have been! Ronnie’s the muscle and Jason’s the brains. How they will work together and balance each other out should be interesting.

What they got wrong: We’ve covered that in previous issue reviews before I dropped the comic like it was radioactive. I’m more worried about what they will do. Dan Jurgens is set to write the next arc and leafing through the first issue is what convinced me to pick up this issue. The question remains how long he will be on there. DC’s policy seems to be “pitch one story, write it, then goodbye”, which is a terrible way to work a comic.

Recommendation: If you’re like me and dropped this series for not being Firestorm, this may be an opportunity to take a look. I’ll see where this is going before I can give a strong recommendation, but it’s hard to hope the way things are done in the New 52.

“Umm…how do we get down from here?”

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