“Someone needs to straighten out that rug!”

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #2

IDW Publishing (October, 2012)

“Hypothetical Gentleman” part 2
WRITER: Andy Diggle
ARTIST: Mark Buckingham
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

With Rory another victim of the “hypothetical gentleman”, Emily uses her gift to see into the gentleman’s mind and sees images of some of the Doctor’s old foes. The Doctor and Amy return only for the Doctor to be fed off of by the gentleman until Amy destroys the machine, freeing everyone. However, there’s a stowaway aboard the TARDIS.

What they got right: I’m assuming the gentleman and the images in his head will play into Diggle’s first story arc for the series, and he has succeeded in making me curious as to where he will take it. What elevates the story are really the minor things; Amy getting mad at the Doctor because Rory has been time-locked to the point that she isn’t sure the Doctor can fix it, the Doctor wanting to not just stop the gentleman but finding out what he’s about to keep him stopped (shades of the first Eleventh Doctor story–“leaving’s good, staying gone is better”) and the secondary cast worrying about the guy time-locked while falling off of the balcony. The little touches make a good story a better story.

What they got wrong: What was the point of moving the TARDIS when it turns out to be a red herring done away with rather quickly?

Recommendation: New writer Andy Diggle has impressed me with his first outing on the title and I want to see where he goes with this. This may be the last storyline we get Amy and Rory as the companions, so enjoy it while you can.

I couldn’t drag a Best Scene out of this one because all the scenes work as part of the whole with no real standouts.

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  1. siskoid says:

    Yep, really like what Diggle’s doing on this book, and laying in a larger arc, just like the parent show does, is part of that.


    • Tony Lee did that as well, and so did the guy who wrote the first mini-series. This has already been a trend for most of the writers and I’m hoping Diggle is bringing that back.


      • Siskoid says:

        In Tony Lee’s case (the 10th Doctor one), I thought he went way overboard with getting everything to tie in together by the end. The arc went on too long and tried to do too much. I liked his 11th Doctor series a lot more because it managed some contained stories. I’m hoping Diggle will strike a balance between the two approaches.


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