I’m sorry the new Thundercats series didn’t do well enough for Cartoon Network to drop it (although as of this writing repeats air on the Adult Swim version of the old “Toonami” block). It’s an example of a good remake.

Tonight, though, I’m going to the original series, where Snarf wasn’t a Pokémon and Thundera was another planet that went the way of Krypton. I’m not the only one going into the past, though.

“Double M” round 6

The Battlefield: Thundercats #7 (Marvel/Star Comics; December, 1986) “Back To Thundera!”

The Promoters: Gerry Conway (writer), Jose Delbo (penciler), De Mulder & Barras (inkers), Janice Chiang (letterer), and Petra Scotese (colorist)

A storm has somehow ripped a hole in space and time, sending Lion-O and Cheetara to the ancient Thundera while the others are trapped in the present day Third Earth, being attacked by bug people. This, by the way, was a trap by Mumm-Ra, who was apparently to stupid to realize sending ALL the Thundercats to Thundera might have been the smarter option.

Anyway, our displaced duo come upon a tribe of cave cats being attacked by a “mamroth”, sort of and elephant with claws and fangs because you’re guess is as good as mine.

I wonder how PETA would call this?

Later, Lion-O would almost have a girlfriend from one of his rescuees but the Sword of Omens warns Lion-O that his friends are being attacked in the present day and he and Cheetara beat the closing portal to turn the tide of battle. Next time, Mumm-Ra, try sending all of them back together. No wonder the Ancient Spirits of Evil get mad at him all of the time.

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