“Forgot to shave this morning.”

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #11

IDW Publishing (November, 2012)

“Shadowplay” conclusion; “An Intimate Beheading”
WRITER: James Roberts
PENCILER: Alex Milne
INKERS: Juan Castro, Alex Milne, & John Wycough
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: John Barber

Red Alert is written off as a suicide but Rodimus isn’t so sure. Back in the past, Prowl bows out of the attempt to grab the “bomb” Matrix, but Roller assembles a crew consisting of Windcharger, Skids, and Glitch (Haven’t heard of that one, probably an original character.) While they are successful in retrieving the bomb, corrupt forces are able to take the Senator to another secret institute and reprogram him…into the future Decepticon Shockwave!

What they got right: This one is really personal. Windcharger was my very first Transformer toy. So while Bumblebee is my favorite I have a special place for Windcharger in my heart and seeing him finally utilized in a comic I own, plus actually making use of his magnetic powers as intended, makes me very happy. The pre-war characters were interesting and the story was for the most part enjoyable while I had little to no interest in the “present day” story.

What they got wrong: In the end it wasn’t the storytelling that made Rung react (the point of this arc) but getting his name wrong. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Senator to be Ratbat or Starscream than Shockwave? His memory is getting zirtched anyway so how does he end up being one of the Decepticons’ top mad scientists?

Recommendation: Frankly, I’d like to see more of these pre-war stories, plus more of Orion being awesome. And more Windcharger. Give this storyline a read.

Yes, I know the next panel has Orion crashing through a giant robot’s head. This is a more personal victory. Plus I like Orion’s comment here.


Why do they keep giving KISS a comic book?




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