Any joke I can make about a “badass female” is ruined by IDW’s origin.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #11

IDW Publishing (November, 2012)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Guido Guidi
INKER: John Wycough (pages 19-22)
COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
SELECTED COVER ART: Casey W. Coller (artist) and Joana LaFuente (colorist)

Starscream’s attempt to get an endorsement from Omega Supreme fails and later someone tries to bomb the giant Autobot out of existence. Nobody blames Starscream since everyone knows it was the other Decepticons, currently led by Shockwave.  He wants to restart the war for some reason, but with some inside info from Dirge and Swindle and a plan by Prowl and Arcee, Shockwave and Soundwave are taken prisoner with only Starscream aware of it. Then the last thing Starscream wanted to see shows up.

What they got right: While I may not be happy with the direction the series has taken I do have to admit that they tell the story well. Seeing Starscream and Prowl working together is odd but it makes for an intriguing team-up in these more political times. Also, while Starscream is still trying to get power for himself, he seems right suited for politics (make of that what you will) and he does honestly seem to want to give this post-war world a try even if the Decepticons don’t. Plus Arcee’s “attack” scene looks really cool.

What they got wrong: Granted that doesn’t make up for the “forced sex change” aspect of her origin but that’s a rant for another day. I will say that she’s teetering a bit close to “overbadass” which just gets boring. (See also Wolverine.) Otherwise, there really isn’t much to add here.

Recommendation: I’m getting more into this series than I thought I would. That doesn’t mean I’m happy with the direction IDW’s G1verse has taken (although still an improvement over Regeneration One by astromiles), just that I am at least enjoying the story.

Nope, still can’t make a joke.

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