Godzilla #7

“You’re sure this will fix that kink in my neck?”

Godzilla #7

IDW Publishing (November, 2012)

“The Government Gave Them No Choice, Now There’s No Turning Back”
These aren’t titles, they’re taglines.
WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
ARTIST: Simon Gane
COLORIST: ronda Pattison
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

On Monster Island something has the kaiju riled up. In Vancouver, Boxer is sure this is where Godzilla will strike next but the Monster Kill Crew has a plan to take down Godzilla but the plan is interrupted by what I’m going to call Operation: Cupid, which would reflect how stupid I think the plan is…but it works. Not only is the Crew’s plan sabotaged, but one of their own will die as a result.

What they got right: I think I’ve made it clear just how much I don’t like these characters, although I want to like Clare and our silent narrator. (All we know about Urv is that he’s gay and likes to make things explode. That only tells us slightly more than we know about Boxer, the guy I wish bought it this issue.) I will give them credit for this issue, though, as we get not so much character development as much as a glimpse into what these people are like. It’s not a bad down-time moment in the arc.

What they got wrong: This whole “Operation Cupid” thing should be its own storyline. Instead we’re stuck with the remaining characters and this annoying storyline. And now, it’s not as bad as the social commentary we were beaten to death with in Kingdom of Monsters, but I just want this to end already. And are these two it for the Monster Island guards? Remember in Destroy All Monsters when there was an entire team watching over the monsters? Now it’s just these two guys who think they’re on vacation or something.

Recommendation: There are things to like in this issue, so I guess I can recommend taking a look. I just hope this arc ends soon because the MKC is just shy of being the Mary Sue Brigade (except when it comes to Godzilla), the sideplots are piling up like a Simon Furman tale, and the pheromone stuff can only lead to trouble.

Godzilla #7 Best Scene

I wonder what phone company he went with?

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