I’m sure by now at least most of you has heard of yet another school shooting, this time in my home state of Connecticut. As I sit down to write this at about 4:18PM ET there are still so many questions, mostly why this guy did what he did. Naturally, the usual secondary suspects (guns, video games, other media) are being blamed.

Part of what got me into comics was the fact that in comics the good guys always won and lives were saved, or at least more than in today’s stories barring some kind of invasion tale. The shooter may not have been a terrorist as we usually define it, but he might as well be with the devastation he has wrought in people lives, and almost a week before Christmas. In a better world kids wouldn’t be dead. In a better world, the bad guys would lose, and even the kids can be the heroes who took them down.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Double M” round 10

The Battlefield: TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids (Archie Comics/Radio Shack; October, 1984) “The Computer Trap”

The Promoters: Paul Kupperberg (writer), Dick Ayers and Chic Stone (artists), and William Parker (editorial direction)

Terrorists have taken over a museum in the first of a long line of spoiled field trips for the TRS-80/Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, Alec and Shanna. Long story short, the kids are trapped in the museum hiding from “Max Fuzzy” when the police attempt to take Fuzzy and his men down while rescuing their hostage. Part of that plan is hiding with the doctors who come in when the hostage has a heart attack, and once they’re sure he’s OK taking out the power.

In the real world, these kids should hide or risk being killed. This is not the real world; this is a fictional world where kids don’t die.


They beat down the thugs. Sometimes I prefer the fictional world, under the right writers.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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