Worlds' Finest #7

“I think your dog is still following us.”

Worlds’ Finest #7

DC Comics (February, 2013)

“Family Matters” part 2
WRITER: Paul Levitz
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty
EDITOR: Wil Moss
“Huntress” Sequence/Cover Art
ARTIST: Kevin Maguire
COLORIST: Rosemary Cheetham
“Power Girl” Sequence
PENCILER: George Pérez
INKER: Sandra Hope

Robin and Huntress are dropped off somewhere in the snowy woods, where they encounter a wolf pack and a very deadly werewolf. Meanwhile, Power Girl hits the Congo and finds kids armed with Apokolips weaponry.

What they got right: Damien and Helena work well together. Both were trained by different versions of the same guy but had different mothers and their training helps make them unique. Also, Karen wasn’t talking about “boys” for once.

What they got wrong: The separate art styles for each character means one “sequence” (in this case the Power Girl, but that could be me) looks better than the other. I’m still not convinced that this comic needs an artist for each character.

Recommendation: So far I’m enjoying this comic, but fans have a point about how PG has been acting lately. Here you can see how good she is just doing superhero stuff while still being Karen Starr. I also hope to see more Damien/Helena team-ups in the future. Give this issue a look.

Just your typical Wayne Family reunion.

Just your typical Wayne Family reunion.

The reason I chose this one is that I like how Maguire has the two panels connected while the pages are read normally. It’s just a cool look.

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