All right, kids. New tournament, new butt kicking.

My Reviewers Unknown colleague The Cartoon Hero and I disagree when it comes to Super Friends. I’m not sure what his actual complaints are with the series and I should discuss that with him someday. I on the other hand love it and it was my gateway into the DC Universe and part of the reason I was a DC fanboy until the New 52 turned it into a variation of Marvel.

Then again, I freely admit that the first season was heavily flawed and the show wouldn’t have lasted without the huge changes in the next season. The animation improved (for a Saturday morning cartoon of its time), the stories were more action-packed, and while I kind of like Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog they do feel a bit out of place for the concept.

Around this time DC also produced a comic based on the cartoon, and this issue even fit in characters that never showed up in the show during the entire run, as well as a cameo by the Flash (who guest-starred in one S1 episode before becoming one of the regulars for most of the rest of the run) and Krypto the Superdog (who also was never in the show). It’s from this comic that tonight’s entry comes forth.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Assassin” round 1

And yes, the title for this entry was chosen in part because of this tourney’s title, but the fight just fell into place.

The Battlefield: Super Friends #2 (DC Comics, December, 1976) “Trapped By The Super Foes”

The Promoters: E. Nelson Bridwell (writer), Ric Estrada & Vince Colletta (artists)

Some of the Super Friends’ enemies have gotten together with their own sidekicks, the Junior Super Foes. I’ll let Kitten introduce them to you.


Chick really got the short end of this one, didn’t he?

I want to make fun of Chick and Toyboy or wonder who in the name of Charlie Tuna the Human Flying Fish is but I can’t stop thinking that “Honeysuckle” is kind of under-dressed. Especially for someone who has taken the name “Honeysuckle” in a kids comic. I don’t think any of these kids are old enough to drive yet. Anyway, our villains have (long story short) taken the Dynamic Duo hostage and the Penguin decides to give the Junior Super Foes a reward. Well, to the Penguin it’s a reward.


“And that’s for dressing me in this lame outfit and calling me ‘Chick’!”

Odds are this is why none of them were invited to join the Legion of Doom. Except Cheetah, but I’m betting she bribed somebody.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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