English: Daft Punk in Robot Costumes

English: Daft Punk in Robot Costumes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Longtime BW readers already know my love of Daft Punk. They’re great musicians, I love the hook, and Interstella 5555 is a great film, even if I don’t get the title. (There’s also no squadron with or without stars.) I also do enjoy the occasional game of Breakout or it’s various duplicates. So I really want to play Brick, a game that combines breaking blocks with music of Daft Punk. However, I don’t have a Kinect. Or a really tall building.

The group We Come In Peace, for the Valencia Enlightenment and Images Festival, displayed their game, projected on a large building. You control the paddle at the bottom of the screen building with your body thanks to the Kinect, which I imagine is a hacked Kinect. If this were out on X-Box Live I follow enough Daft Punk and video game fans to have heard of it. (Check the comments to see if I’m proven wrong.) Imagine doing a let’s play like this:

From the Vimeo description:

We create this musical and monumental Brick video game using Kinect technology.
There are 3 levels corresponding to 3 songs :
– Be Bop a Lula from Gene Vincent
– Harder Better Faster from Daft Punk
– and Comic Strip from Gainsbourg.
The lyrics are played when the ball hits the bubbles.

This game can adapt to any kind of wall or building and play with any architecture.

You can find out more about “We Come In Peace” on their website. The site is in French, though so unless you know it or have a good translator it won’t help. Luckily I have on on Google Chrome so let’s see what they say about the game on their own site:

The Brick “musical” offers three levels of play corresponding to three songs: Be Bop a Lula by Gene Vincent Harder Better Faster Daft Punk and Comic Strip Serge Gainsbourg. The theme music is played in the background. The words are written on the bricks. Each time the player breaks a brick, the word is sung. Brick is as much a game as a spectacle where the players are themselves the show. Its architectural dimension, Brick allows unprecedented participatory reclaiming our urban space.

All I know it is looks darn fun. Sadly, I don’t live in France or plan to ever visit so I’ll never know for sure. 😦

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