Doctor Who V3 #7

“I’ve really got to stop leaving the TARDIS in the middle of outer space.”

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #7

IDW Publishing (March, 2013)

“Space Oddity” part 1
WRITER: Joshua Hale Fialkov
PENCILERS: Horacio Domingues with Anres Ponce
INKER: Ruben Gonzalez
COLORIST: Adrian Salmon
COVER ART: Mark Buckingham (artist) and Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The Doctor answers a distress call by a cosmonaut and comes across the Vashta Nerada.

What they got right: It’s kind of fun watching the Doctor and Alexey running around outer space–literally thanks to the TARDIS. I’m assuming that this takes place during one of those adventures where Amy & Rory were at home in the modern day because this story doesn’t fit after they left.

What they got wrong: There are two reasons why there is no Best Scene nomination. One is a personal biased rather than something done wrong I admit, but I really don’t like the Vashta Nerada. After the adventure on the library planet I never needed to see them again. I care less about them than I do the Weeping Angels because I just really like the Blink episode because of them rather than in spite of them. The other is more unbiased as the story felt short, like they padded out the story into two issues via oversized panels. Too many splash pages and one page that looks like the layout for Jake & Leon. The next issue will have to convince me it was worth it.

Recommendation: Not a bad story, personal gripes aside. Worth looking into.

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