He-Man #1

Can you tell this is an Ed Benes cover?

He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe #1

DC Comics (June, 2013)

“Desperate Times”
WRITER: Keith Giffen
ARTIST: Pop Mhan
COLORIST: Kathryn Layno
SELECTED COVER: Ed Benes  & Randy Mayor
LETTERER: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Michael McCalister

Teela changes her hair color just before a funeral for the Sorceress. But the morning will be short, because the Horde, led by Despara, have come to Eternia and immediately launch an attack on the palace. As for Despara, Teela recognizes her…as Adora!

What they got right: The art (outside of the cover) is well done. We’re finding out what happened to Adora, although I don’t know if She-Ra ever existed in this continuity.

What they got wrong: Not that I recognized her with her near-bald head. I’m not sure why Teela recognized her when He-Man doesn’t seem to. Speaking of hair Teela got her hair done before HER MOTHER’S FUNERAL! Or does she still not know? After all the help the Sorceress did for the Masters Teela didn’t seem to care, Adam keeps joking about her hair, and Duncan complains about how the King loves long speeches. ONE OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS AND CONFIDANTS WAS BEHEADED BY SKELETOR! How about a little respect!

Other notes: Various clues convince me that Giffen is going with the recent remake for his version of He-Man and friends. The heroes are called the Masters rather than the Heroic Warriors. Although the Power Sword design is based on the original and the harness inspired by same, Adam looks modeled on the remake version. Teela seems to have known Adam is He-Man longer than the events of the miniseries as she jokes about the room he needs to transform. I’m not sure why they felt the need to change Teela’s hair color. Also, here Duncan is Teela’s natural father instead of an adopted father. Maybe Giffen decided that Man-At-Arms was the mysterious solder from the remake. Personally, I always thought, or at least hoped, Fisto was a red herring.

Recommendation: After the ending of the previous mini, I’m not sure if I can recommend it or not. The banter between Adam, Duncan, and Teela was cute, if ill-timed but the rest I’m concerned about in light of the mini and how cavalier our trio was during the funeral. I’ll keep you posted until the comic makes me drop it.

Um, guys, you're headed to your friend's funeral. This is cute, but poorly timed.

Um, guys, you’re headed to your friend’s funeral. This is cute, but poorly timed.



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