Considering how often I've done my back bad just with the ton o comics I own...

Considering how often I’ve done my back bad just with the ton o comics I own…

Yes, folks, if you’ve bought your comics today I hope you’re planning a return trip on Saturday. It’s Free Comic Book Day, coinciding with the release of Iron Man 3 this weekend. Check out the offerings and previews for this year, and find out if any comic stores in your area are taking part.

If you’re anywhere near Middlebury, CT, I’m stopping by Legend Of Superheroes to check out the offerings and hopefully snag interviews with Cesar Feliciano and Dan Moser, both of whom have offerings this year. On Twitter I’ll be posting live reviews under the hashtag #BW_FCBD, and writing a wrap-up for Reviewers Unknown so be sure and check those out.

And please remember that if you weren’t planning to buy anything or don’t buy anything regularly to change those plans. It’s a lot of hard work, as last year’s Jake & Leon strip demonstrates. Plus the comic stores receive no compensation for those free comics so picking up a few of the non-free comics, a graphic novel, some merchandise, or something out of the back issue boxes would go along way to say thank you for hosting the event and ensuring they don’t take too much of a hint. They have to stay in business, too.

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