Firestorm #19

I think we’re all sick of the ice puns.

Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #19

DC Comics (June, 2013)

“Problems Multiplied” part 2
INKERS: Ray McCarthy & Karl Kesel
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
EDITOR: Mike Cotton
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza
“FIRESTORM” CREATORS: Gerry Conway & Al Milgrom

Multiplex’s pals finally make an appearance and Firestorm fans should easily recognize Black Bison, Plastique, Killer Frost, Typhoon, and Hyena. Firestorm is in a fight not only for his life/their lives, but that of Ronnie’s mother.

What they got right: When I was reading on Twitter that Jurgens put in as many of Ronnie’s old foes as he could I got concerned. Trying to fit everything in that you couldn’t before the comic was canceled usually leads to a mess. (Check out my reviews of the later Buck Rogers comics from Dynamite.) Thankfully that doesn’t happen here. The fight was so good I couldn’t choose one moment for Best Scene. Every villain gets a moment and Firestorm is seriously challenged.

What they got wrong: Hey DC, stop giving Jurgens awesome stuff and then pulling it out from under him. He’s one of the best writers you have. USE HIM AND KEEP HIM ON SOMETHING!

Recommendation: If you’re like me and stayed away from the this series based on the early issues, hunt down Jurgens’ run. This is what the comic should have been, and people should have supported it.

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  1. All I’m going to say is that sometimes Jurgen’s dialog grates on my ears (eyes?) but that’s a small price to pay for some of the stuff he’s making which is at least fun!


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