Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were a reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

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So where were we? Douglas Quaid learned he had a different last name and the audience learned that his new middle name is actually his old middle name. If need be I’ll go with “Quaid” and “Hauser” so you know which persona I’m talking about. Anyway, we’re finally off to Mars. Watch out for Soundwave, giant tripods or flying things with giant eyes, and John Carter.

Chapter 14: Ship

So Richter is going to ruin Cohaagen’s plan again by sending his report so he can’t be told not to ruin it. If he did succeed in killing Doug (meaning both Quaid and Hauser–and you can guess his actual target) I would think Cohaagen would then have Richter killed. You know, if he was any good at this villain thing and odds are quickly going against that theory.

There’s another extended moment from Richter’s perspective as he tries to examine a shuttle taking off for Mars. he ticks off the captain so much that he pulls a similar stunt that Richter did to Cohaagen in order to get the ship launched. Richter’s attempt to seduce the stewardess (not to cheat on Lori but act as a spy) ends with her nicely shooting him down. I think these are my two favorite characters. Too bad we’ll never see them again after the ship lands.

But there’s another passenger, a fat, elderly woman, and most of you know who she is because they reveal that in the trailer. Nice going, guys. In the movie it wasn’t revealed until they got on Mars but if this scene was planned for the movie but cut either on the cutting room floor or edited before filming I’d believe it. This adaptation is probably based on an earlier draft of the script so it would come out the same time as the film. That happens a lot with adaptations.

We also get more of Quaid’s thoughts. He knew there was something they knew and it had something to do with both the pit and woman in his dream. This will raise more questions later. It’s sad that everything we see will do less to solve Quaid’s mystery (which it will) and more fodder to look back on to see how big an idiot our supposed main villain is. Also it goes on about the plastic gun with plastic explosive bullets that he can hide as part of his costume (as well as a well-done going-over of how the disguise works) that I’m betting won’t mean much based on what little I recall of the next scene. We’ll get to that soon because our next installment finally gets us onto the surface of Mars.

Next Time: Spaceport

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