Transformers Spotlight Hoist

And yet I went with the cover that shows Metroplex more than Hoist.

Transformers Spotlight: Hoist

IDW Publishing (May, 2013)

“The Waiting Game”
WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Augustin Padilla
COLORIST: Joanna LaFuente
EDITOR: John Barber

Hoist, Sunstreaker (and his pet, Bob), Perceptor, and Swerve have crashed on a planet and await rescue. However, while trying not to be attacked by their worst fears, it may be Hoist’s worse fear that saves them all.

What they got right: I like how they were able to put the focus on Hoist without making him supermegaultrabadassamazingohmygooooooooood. As he states himself, he’s just a maintenance engineer without the emotional baggage of the rest of the crew. Thus making him my favorite character on the ship. The humor is toned down to a level that doesn’t lead to a bunch of exaggerations. Except for Swerve but for some reason I’m used to that with him.

What they got wrong: How does this “Phobia Shield” work anyway? Is it like Spellbinder’s illusions from last night’s Scanning My Collection article or does it somehow create physical threats…and how would it do that?

Recommendation: One of the better stories of the Lost Light set comics. Worth checking out.

Like I said, favorite Lost Light crew member.

Like I said, favorite Lost Light crew member. I circled the important part.


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