Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #4

Remember, this story takes place well before modern hentai, so shut up.

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4


IDW Publishing (May, 2013)

“A Night At The Altar”
WRITER: Roger Langridge
COLORIST: Jordie Bellaire
LETTERER: tom B. Long
EDITOR: Scott Dunbier

Things don’t look good for the Rocketeer, with the new pack not working well. But when he gets the old rocket back, he and Betty may yet uncover the secret of Otto and his “elder god”. Plus he makes a deal that will ensure the rocket won’t be “borrowed” again.

What they got right: There’s not a lot to talk about because what works really links to the mini-series as a whole. The ending is satisfactory and all plot threads are tied up well enough. Langridge had a good link with the characters and brought a bit of humor to it. Again, J. Bone is a good artist even if I thought his style wasn’t quite a match for this series.

What they got wrong: The whole subplot with Doc Savage and the rocket just felt like a distraction and didn’t add a lot to the story. Neither did the “celebrity” narrator. Also, Cliff ends up without his helmet a lot, which doesn’t do his secret identity any good.

Recommendation: Whether your waiting for the trade or looking for the four issues I do recommend reading this one. It was a fun read.

"Sorry I asked".

“Sorry I asked”.



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