No, not THAT Big Bang Theory. This one:

List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 1)

I’ve only seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and while it was OK I really didn’t get into it. These were early episodes, and while I’m sure not all science think tank people (I don’t know what they’re official title is) are this bad, they were quirky characters hoping to get a laugh out of the audience. But lately they’ve tried to play up the “geek” factor of the characters and some in the geek community are starting to feel insulted. One guy has no interested in a relationship and doesn’t even want to be touched by anyone. Another can’t talk to a pretty girl, even if she’s a waitress wanting to take your order, while his pal is a horndog who thinks he’s evolution’s gift to women. (Because no scientist believes in God, you know.) The closest thing to normal in this group still has issues.

Once I saw there was an episode in which the female characters visit a comic store and that’s considered some huge thing I started thinking the critics might have a point. Maybe these people don’t know what geeks are like and wherever they place the “laugh track” could be seen as an insult. Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer, a geek comic who knows how to entertain his fellow geeks, knows not to insult his audience while still poking fun at geek culture and the shows/movies/comics/games we love. In one of his latest commentaries, Uncle Yo tackles The Big Bang Theory and it’s laugh track. There’s also a link to a different article about the problems with the show and how it portrays the geek community. It’s also worth a read.

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