So Batman can breathe in space, and I’ve theorized that Space Ghost taught him. I wonder if he also taught Kool-Aid Man? Then again he’s a living pitcher of soft drink so maybe he just doesn’t need to breathe. Or maybe kid logic is in play and we just sit back and relax?

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Mosquito” round 3

The Battlefield: Adventures of Kool-Aid Man #1 (Marvel Comics; ???,1987) “Thirst In Space”

The Promoters: Beats me, no credits given, unless they were on the cover I lost so many years ago.

Kool-Aid Man and his friends hop on board a rocket ride which turns out to be an actual rocket. (Long story.) This leads to finding the Thirsties’ space ship because of course they have a space ship, and our hero decides to pay them a visit.

"Guys, he's over 90% liquid! How do you make liquid thirsty?"

“Guys, he’s over 90% liquid! How do you make liquid thirsty?”

Because kids don’t know about explosive decompression. That or the Thirsties don’t breathe, either. How did they talk while he was in space and they were behind a giant door? Because why not?

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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Strangely, I’m suddenly in the mood for Kool-Aid.

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