Iron Man Coming of the Melter

Is he wearing pants?

Iron Man: The Coming Of The Melter

Marvel Comics (July, 2013)

(Also includes a reprint of Iron Man #72, which I won’t be reviewing here–it’s just your typical “superhero attends comic convention, gets attacked by actual supervillains” story. The main story takes place in the Marvel Movieverse.)

WRITER: Christos Gage
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Joe Carmagna
EDITOR: Sana Amanat

At a press conference, Tony gets a surprise attack by The Melter, who is planning to auction his tech to the highest bidder. Two days later he also attacks War Machine. While the two armored heroes investigate separately they end up joining forces against their common foe.

What they got right: The Melter isn’t a character likely to show up in the movies and while I have some minor quibbles with the design (see “got wrong”) it’s better than the Armored Adventures design. The comic itself is also feels like a story set in the Movieverse and the artwork is well done.

What they got wrong: The Melter doesn’t seem to be wearing a full suit of armor, just clothes with some armor on. How did he take a repulsor blast? I think you can design something that looks like full armor while still homaging the regular comic version.

Recommendation: A good Iron Man story regardless of your comic/movie preference. Look this one up.

"Shut up! We're arguing here!"

“Shut up! We’re arguing here!”


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