Transformers Beast Hunters #1

I have to admit, Grlmlock does a great Godzilla impersonation.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #1

(This series continues on from Rage Of The Dinobots and is set prior to events of the TV show)

IDW Publishing (May, 2013)

WRITERS: Mairghread Scott & Mike Johnson
ARTIST: Agustin Padilla
COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

An Autobot names Firestar seeks the Dinobots help in battling an Insecticon that’s harming the denizens of Last Spark, whose leader, Airwave, hates the Dinobots as much as the Dinobots hate him. Despite Grimlock’s decree that they won’t help. Sludge takes it upon himself to help, with Snarl tagging along. While nothing has changed about Airwave’s opinion of Dinobots Firestar convinces him to let the pair help and what they find are Insecticons…who aren’t afraid to cannibalize their own!

What they got right: From the writing to artwork, this feels more like a Transformers story, even if it’s a more primitive Cybertron in the wake of events in this continuity. These characters aren’t dealing with psychological issues or political intrigue. It’s a struggle to survive and while it’s not quite the war story I would like it still feels more like what I read Transformers comics for.

What they got wrong: The character models for non-game/toy Transformers resembles how they used to do it in the G1 days, in that they look like robots who can’t transform. While Firestar resembles her classic show appearance, she at least has some remnants hinting at an alternate mode. Considering the trouble the show and games go to in order to make their Transformers look like they transform, even if you can’t play as that character, it kind of stands out. Airwave looks more like a Nebulan Head/Target/Powermaster than a Cybertronian.

Recommendation: If you only pick up one Transformers title, make it this one. Rage Of The Dinobots was my favorite Transformers comic in years and the creators are still producing the best Transformers comic.

"Shall I put you down for a 'maybe'?"

“Shall I put you down for a ‘maybe’?”


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