Iron Man #258-3

And you thought Tony was only popular with the ladies.

Iron Man #258.3

Marvel Comics (July, 2013)

PLOT: David Michelinie & Bob Layton
WRITER: David Michelinie
FINISHES: Bob Layton
COLORIST: Chris Sotomayor
COVER ART: Dave Ross, Tom Palmer, and Chris Sotomayor
LETTERER: Dave Lanphear
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Michael Cristatos & A.J. Fierro
EDITOR: Justin Gabrie

Iron Man races to Justin Hammer’s place to both save him and get his help stopping “the entity” from killing anyone else.  The virtual villain takes control of the Mandroids and Dreadnoughts to take them down as well as locks Rhodey in Tony’s secret base. But Tony has another toy left in the bunker, which we would recognize as the War Machine armor. Hammer escapes and the entity releases the Mandroids and Dreadnoughts. Iron Man heads after Hammer to his space station…which may be a bad move.

What they got right: No women dead this time. After the last two issues that’s a plus. The art is good and the fight between Iron Man and the controlled suits and robots was fun to watch.

What they got wrong: How did the entity/Tony 2.0…what is the official name anyway? At any rate, how did he/it gain control of the Dreadnoughts? They’ve been owned by Hydra or the Maggia and they couldn’t have been easy to locate.

Other notes: I’m curious as to how long the War Machine armor’s introduction had been planned? This is the story that Layton and Micheline wanted to tell, so had they planned the War Machine armor before this story or am I just that uninformed as to the chain of events both in story and behind the scenes? Hopefully Hube or another Iron Fan will chime in.

Recommendation: None of the female supporting cast is slaughtered this issue so that’s a plus. If you want some old-fashioned Iron Action this is a good comic to grab.

The irony is that the implant in his back was the cause of all this.

The irony is that the implant in his back was the cause of all this.



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