We all know that Hollywood screws up modern technology. Of course two people on a keyboard makes them type faster. Sure the computer interface has all three-dimensional imaging without any serious programming. These are done to heighten tension for people who know nothing about computers. contributor Luis Prada, however, has four 4 Commonplace Technologies That Every Movie Still Gets Wrong and does something different for those lists…explains why they had to be done.

Why don’t characters in movies and shows Google things? Why are their cell phone displays so huge? Why is it, unless they can convince CNN to let them use their studios and graphics, newscasts in fiction look like a room with some dressing? And why can’t we do that when WE play a video game? These questions will be answered. Now explain that 3D hologram thing.

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  1. Ah yes… the article about movies… that uses examples all from TV…

    But yeah, #4 on that list is pretty much all about trademark and copyright laws. It’s one of those things that you just file into the disbelief suspension.

    #3… that could mean something on a meta level. Think about how in Simpsons, itchy & scratchy are poorly animated. It is proportional to that animated world as that animated world is to ours.

    Thus, maybe in shows, which use sets, the newscasts use “sets” that are of a proportional realism. A way of tricking the viewers’ brains very subtly.

    Or it could be because the show’s on a shoestring budget. 😉


    • You mean like how when a character is supposed to be acting they even slightly exaggerate the character that the character is playing?


      • Sure why not. 😉

        I remember Bill Watterson explaining that he specifically liked to do the opposite in his Calvin & Hobbes comic. That he wanted the “imagination” spots of Calvin (and suzie and whoever) to be “more real” so his depictions of those utilized a much more realistic style than the somewhat cartoony comic style.

        Like all writing tricks, I think this can be done well and poorly. 😀


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