TMNT Color Classics #11

The cover’s blandness…it fights all attempts at making a lame joke!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #11

IDW Publishing (June, 2013)

originally published in black & white: May, 1987

“True Stories”
STORY/ART/CREATORS: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
LETTERER: Steve Lavigne
IDW COLORS: Scorpion Studios

After their defeat last issue the Turtles are in disarray and April is having nightmares about the Foot’s attack. Hiding out at an old farmhouse owned by Casey’s late grandmother, Our heroes must recover from their wounds and re-unite as a family if they have any chance to take on the Foot again.

What they got right: After what they went through it makes sense to have this downtime issue to recover. Each character gets their own moment to see how they have been affected, with April writing in a journal as a framing device. It works well here, and would be used in the first movie (and I believe the TV series, but I could be wrong) when events from this arc appeared there.

What they got wrong: At times April’s writing could be hard to read, just a letter here and there. I suppose Lavigne was using it to separate from his own writing style in the word balloons so I don’t think it was a bad idea, just hard to read a word now and then. My actual disappoint comes from a scene where April falls in the water. Having the four Turtles gather to rescue her could have been a great moment to re-spark their unity, with Splinter’s speech being a catalyst. Instead only Leo rescues her and as our heroes attend to her we get Splinter’s declaration. I feel like they missed a moment here, but admittedly this is from a guy a few decades later reading a colorized reprint.

Recommendation: If you remember this scene from the movie you really should get this issue, as it was where the scene came from and on its own it’s still a good moment and a possible turning point for the Turtles.

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