Reading the Declaration of Independence

Reading the Declaration of Independence (Photo credit: Shan Jeniah)

It’s the Fourth Of July. Independence Day. When we celebrate our declaration that we, the United States Of America, wouldn’t take the mistreatment at the hands of the British government any longer when we can easily do it to ourselves. So what exactly were our issues with the not-so-good King George III? That’s why our forefathers wrote the Declaration Of Independence, telling his majesty and the rest of the world what had them so mad. For this year’s Independence Day posting, I found a dramatic reading of that document that told Ol’ George to stuff it.

King George the Third wasn’t too happy about this and what followed was a war that would lose, leading to the official formation of the United States Of America. And while you could say it started with Britain’s mistreatment of the 12 colonies, this was proverbial shot heard around the world. The audible one would come later.

On this Independence Day, remember why the celebration exists and those who died to create this great nation. For those of you in other countries, I hope this gives you some insight as well.

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