It Girl & The Atomics #11

“What do you mean I don’t get the role of Madame Butterfly?”

It Girl & The Atomics #11

Image Comics (June, 2012)

“Tweenage FBI” part 2
WRITER: Jamie S. Rich
ARTIST: Natalie Nourigat
COLORIST: Allen Passalaqua
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
EDITORS: Jamie S. Rich & Eric Stephenson
CREATOR: Michael Allred

St. Germain, using the “immortality machine” Dr. Osama created, is indestructible and sets out to prove it. Or as Skunk realizes become more indestructible. Can the Atomics and Tri-Eye kids put a stop to him?

What they got right: Is Skunk an unofficial Atomic now? Because he seemed to work well with the gang this issue as he did the last time he and It Girl fought together. Watching St. Germain just goad everyone into attacking him was fun because of just how gleeful he was about it.

What they got wrong: The kids are rather useless in this story (and I think they added one unless I just forgot about her, the girl in the big glasses). Considering the title seems to be about them that was kind of a waste. Maybe they’ll be more useful in a later appearance but this story didn’t miss them and if they never popped up again I wouldn’t be disappointed unless they CAN use them.

Recommendation: I love having a fun superhero comic to read. Pick this one up.

He's just so happy to get the snot beat out of him.

I just love the delivery here.


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