He-Man MOTU series #3

How many toy collectors wish they could troop build like this?

He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe #3

DC Comics (August, 2013)

WRITER: Keith Giffen
ARTISTS: Pop Mhan (also cover) & Mateo Guerrero
COLORISTS: Kathryn Layno & Wendy Broome
LETTERER: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Michael McCalister

As a little girl, Teela knew Despara, only then she was known as Adora. Adora and Teela became friends even though Adora had to stay hidden because she wasn’t supposed to be so far from home but liked playing in the garden. In the present Despara launches her attack on Greyskull…to kidnap Teela! Both Man-At-Arms and He-Man want to go after her but are stopped by duty…and the Sorceress!

What they got right: The art was good and outside of the rant to come the backstory of Teela and Adora/Despara adds to the mystery (or at least the mystery of how events will play in this version).

What they got wrong: Teela’s #$%^#iness continues to elevate. She curses out Mekaneck and tells Adam that they were never friends. In fact it seems she hates pretty much everybody except her not-so-imaginary friend, who she now doesn’t like because she’s the enemy. What they hell does Giffen have against Teela? And back to that she and Adam were never friends…bull@##$! In previous continuities they have been good friends. They always hung out together in the Filmation series, Teela was the one sent to help relieve He-Man’s homesickness in the New Adventures and while they weren’t as close in the re-imagined series they still had some level of friendship. That’s a commentary for another time but again, what does Giffen have against Teela?

Also, we’re coming upon that new look DC designed for him, just to complete the New 52ing of Masters Of The Universe.

Recommendation: I still don’t see me collecting this comic after this arc unless they delve into Orko and Marlena’s current situation, and even that is iffy if I’m going to spend every comic complaining about what they’ve done to Teela. If you weren’t a fan you might get some enjoyment out of the comic but if you honestly care about the characters going in you may not like the interpretation here.

"Geez, you don't even call ahead first? What if I was in the shower?"

“Geez, you don’t even call ahead first? What if I was in the shower?”

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