Transformers Monstrosity #2

“I know Perceptor’s contact lens is here somewhere.”

Transformers: Monstrosity #2

IDW Publishing (July, 2013)

STORY: Christ Metzen & Flint Dille
ARTIST: Livio Ramondelli
EDITOR: John Barber

The Autobot forces are able to deal with Scorponok’s forces but Optimus is unsure on how to handle the Dynobots when he learns about their dangerous alt modes. Grimlock threatens to blow up the refinery if he doesn’t get his team off-world, but while Optimus talks him down, Scorpnok sets the explosion off! Damages and dead are on both sides, but one team of Autobots find a new…and dangerous…form of Energon under the refinery. On Junkion, Megatron learns the history of the planet as he and the Quintesson Pentius continue their search for a way off.

What they got right: It amazes me just how evil Scorponok is in this story. He cares less for his troops that Megatron. (Megatron cared for his troops? I’m not buying it.) I like how they’re trying to decide how to handle the Dynobots when I would think sending them off-world as they want should be fine.

What they got wrong: Dai Atlas bugs me. It’s as if he wanted to get everyone off-world because he hated the upcoming Autobot/Decepticon war that badly. There’s also the part about the Dynobots’s alt modes driving them insane. This happens in the Prime universe and possibly Fall Of Cybertron (still haven’t finished the first one) but I don’t remember this being an issue in the previous appearances in the IDW G1 universe. Maybe this gets explained? Also imported from the Prime universe? Apparently Dark Energon. Did we need that?

Recommendation: Those issue aside I am getting into this story. It’s worth taking a look at. But because the painted art style still bugs me I couldn’t get a Best Scene nomination out of this.


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