I had scanned last week’s Friday Night Fight and, not having time to write it up, planned to do so in my hotel room before ConnectiCon. And I was too tired to it, and of course too busy on Friday. So here’s the fight you would have had last week.

I wasn’t the hugest fan of the Herculoids but what’s not to like about them? It was one of those shows that showed that Hanna-Barbera had some good monster designers on staff. Apparently someone at Cartoon Networks Presents liked them because I can’t recall a Toonami issue without them. So what happens when spent fuel rods are dropped all over the planet? (The book keeps using “Amzot” but I don’t remember that name ever being used in the classic shows. I know Space Stars, the NBC show that teamed with with Space Ghost and a couple original ideas, called it “Quasar” so to me that’s the name of the planet.)

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Mosquito” round 10

The Battlefield: Cartoon Network Presents #13 (DC Comics; August, 1998) “Bother From Another P;anet”

The Promoters: Michael Kraiger (writer), Graham Manley (penciler), Jorge Pacheco (inker), Dave Grafe (colorist), and Clem Robins (letterer)

Our litterbugs…of doom! (seriously, they’re dropping radioactive fuel cells all over the place and the ship has the worst gas mileage I’ve ever seen)…also seem to enjoy shooting at Tundro. Right guys, tick off the walking tank who fires exploding rocks out of this cannon-like horn. Good idea.

mosquito 10a

Aren’t Gloop and Gleep supposed to be colored yellow? Why are they white in this comic?

Where’s Admiral Ackbar when you need him? Oh, but the Herculoids aren’t done yet.

mosquito 10b

If I had to parachute that much weight I wouldn’t be smiling, either.

Wait, aren’t we missing a Herculoid?

mosquito 10c

Looks like someone’s going to need some body work. Better the ship than the pilots I guess.

Too bad. I liked that ship, just not the idiots piloting it. And so the kids are turned over to the Intergalactic Patrol to, as Zandor notes, face the harshest justice possible! Their parents!

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to Spacebooger.com and vote in the Friday Night Fights! Forum membership is not required to vote, only to comment. Winners of these 12 rounds will compete in the Prize Fight so feel free to join us. We could use the competition.

Tomorrow we return to ConnectiCon coverage with Day 3 walking around, and tomorrow morning we’ll have the comic review I would have had last Saturday night but didn’t for the same reason I didn’t have this fight up last week.

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