Astro City #2

It’s all random, yet it all fits. Amazing!

Astro City #2

Vertigo (September, 2013)

“Welcome to HumanoGlobal”
ARTIST: Brent Eric Anderson
COVER ART: Alex Ross
COLOR ART: Alex Sinclair
LETTERS/DESIGN: John G. Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt
EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

With all of the calls superheroes get, setting up a call center to weed out the serious emergencies seems a given. It can be an exciting job, especially with all the perks involved and friends you meet. But one call center operator is about to get a harsh lesson.

What they got right: Why did nobody think of this idea before, or did I just happen to miss it. The Honor Guard has their own call center to help with emergency calls. Did the Avengers or Justice League have one of those and nobody thought to write about it before? Marella is an instantly likeable person and I really want to see how she handle the fallout of this issue.

What they got wrong: Don’t let the lack of Best Scene fool you. There are no complaints here. This is a good concept and I want to see more. I suppose the cover could look less like a jumble of images but at least they matter to the story.

Recommendation: If you’re not already reading this comic you really should be.

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