Transformers Regeneration One #92

“Must…turn…channel…must turn…off…Glee…

Transformers: Regeneration One #92

IDW Publishing (June, 2013)

“Destiny” part 2
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Andrew Wildman
INKER: Stephen Baskerville
COLORIST: John-Paul Bove
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: John Barber

Optimus tries to reach out to the humans and talk them into forming an alliance with Nebulos, but Spike may be the lone dissenting voice to the plan. On Cybertron, Hot Rod and the Dinobots go searching for Grimlock. On the surface (otherwise known as the story worth caring about) Blaster and some other Autobots are being treated for Nucleon side effects but the communication officers’ new heightened senses allow him to pick up a hidden communication by Soundwave about a plan to cripple Cybertron’s early warning system. Thus the Decepticon’s communication officer sends the Mayhem Attack Squad after Blaster, Silverbolt, Huffer, and Inferno to fight the Pretenders off. But both Bludgeon and Galvatron have plans for Cybertron.

What they got right: The main story is actually quite good, showing that Furman CAN tell a decent story when he isn’t bogged down in his usual nonsense. Watching the four Autobots take down the Pretenders was rather cool, seeing their teamwork in action.

What they got wrong: The cover, however, sells what I consider the “B” plot and I’ve about had it with humans versus the Autobots. I’m just waiting until we hear that Sparkplug and Buster were killed in Megatron’s attack, which will make me hate this series any more. Oddly, with the fight scene going a few too many pages for Best Scene I did manage to grab one from this scene. Weird, I know.

Recommendation: Don’t let my giving positive marks to one of the stories here fool you. It’s only enough to make this issue readable. The rest of the series is still the usual disappointment I get from a Simon Furman story, as is the other story and the two setups for future stories. At best it’s worth a look but I still can’t recommend this series.

Heh, he's whipped.

Heh, he’s whipped.


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  1. charles says:

    issue #93 is actually good,if furball can dish out more good ones maybe I`ll forgive the last 10 mess-up issues.


    • You’ll understand if I’m not surprised if he doesn’t. The only time he had a fully normal run was Armada/Energon, and considering what was up at Dreamwave I’m surprised he pulled that off. Especially after War Within: The Dark Ages.


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