Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #2

I’ll just tell you right now. This comic is too awesome for a Best Scene nomination.

Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #2

IDW Publishing (July, 2013)

STORY: Chris Mowry & Matt Frank
WRITER: Chris Mowry
ARTIST: Matt Frank
EDITOR: bobby Curnow

It’s the battle I wanted to see but thought would be reduced to a cheap gag in Final Wars–Godzilla Vs. Zilla (the kaiju formerly known as “GINO”–Godzilla In Name Only)! And while the military gets in the way, that may not be why the battle ends undecided. Meanwhile, the mysterious aliens continue being mysterious aliens.

What they got right: As I said in the summary, this should have been an awesome fight that was reduced to a cheap gag in Final Wars. Here we finally get the Big G versus his namesake and despite the inconclusive ending it is as glorious as I hoped.

What they got wrong: Sgt. Woods. Are you still here? Go away! Otherwise I wanted to see Zilla unleash his own fire attack on Godzilla. That would have looked so cool.

Recommendation: Buy this comic. Buy this comic. BUY THIS COMIC!

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