Power Rangers S.P.D. (video game)

Power Rangers S.P.D. (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the final part of SPD we get the other Dino Thunder team-up episode as well as the final battle for the future of Earth. I know, what else is new?

  • I’m sorry, but I was bored by this second team-up. It felt forced, since Gruumm’s plan to go time-traveling, seems a bit forced. Instead of going with this team-up, which was originally a DVD exclusive, they should have extended the previous team-up story. I’m sure the Abaranger/DekaRanger team-up movie had more to mine and “History” took from that story. While we do get the villain team-up between Zeltrax and Gruumm that was the only thing this brought to story. Also, while I understand why Kruger zapped the Dino Ranger’s minds (again), everybody else knows of the ship and the new monsters, plus the idea of time-traveling Rangers won’t be new to them since they saw the Time Force Rangers in Tommy’s files. But the biggest head-scratcher for me is why did Kruger zap his and the SPD Rangers’ memories of the incident? Is it like when Alex tried to “normalize” the Time Force Rangers? If so, that didn’t make a lot of sense either.
  • I question the “because of Sentai footage” reason we haven’t had a female Red Ranger (Shinkenger/Super Samurai aside) since plenty of Sentai teams had only one female Ranger yet for all of Saban’s run they still had two female Rangers. In fact, while I give Disney credit for not forcing token races and genders as often, I give Saban credit for trying to give young girl viewers more to idolize and find a Ranger who is more like them in personality and interest. Although Venus in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation was an example of getting that wrong, but I’ll let my RU teammate Rowdy C. Moore suffer that one his regular TV Trash show and the revisit as part of his retrospective of the Ninja Turtles TV shows. At least for now.
  • Nova Ranger’s counterpart only appears in one episode of DekaRanger But interestingly not the final episode.
  • I like how the SPD civilian crew and cadets join the battle. Even the Angel Grove citizens on In Space didn’t take part once the Rangers made their appearance despite preparing to stand against Astronema’s forces. And Boom’s speech shows how much I like the guy and how his confidence has grown even though he really doesn’t change a lot during the series. I think having friends among B-Squad helped him a lot.

Power Rangers SPD is easily one of my favorite Ranger shows for some of the same reasons as Power Rangers In Space. The threat is great and the action quite good despite the flaws Lewis mentions in his summary. While some characters didn’t get a lot of development they may not have needed it since their goals would be met over the course of the show and some characters needed to already have a certain level of development for their place in the story.  So here are my thoughts on the characters.

  • I respect Jack for how far he came as a person and realizing his dream of helping the poor without stealing to do so. He cared for the poor but not many other people outside of Z until he joined SPD. Trust was the big thing he had to learn and I think everybody except Bridge had to learn to get over themselves.
  • Sky may have had the most growth in pursuit of his dream. He thought he deserved it but he had to earn that position and eventually he did. His big issue was realizing what it meant to be a Power Ranger and that sometimes enforcing the letter of the law (or the rulebook) made him a jerk. He wasn’t unlikable and over time he learned to relax and accept the others’ friendship.
  • Bridge was a great character even if had nothing to evolve. He was a bit of comic relief and helped keep things lite for the team. His type wouldn’t be done right again until Ziggy in RPM.
  • I think Syd grew more than Lewis seemed to indicate. It wasn’t a strong evolution. She had a privileged upbringing but it seems like her parents loved her and unless I’m remembering things wrong they were there for her, so while she was spoiled and a bit distracted early on she became a good friend and learned to care for others. While Jack learned to care for people who weren’t poor Syd learned to care about the feelings of others and I think her story with RIC was actually indicative of that. All the robodog needed was an upgrade but he was right about the enemy base.
  • Z really didn’t need to grow since she already did that. The interest in her was watching her achieve her goal of being part of something bigger and making a difference. On that she was successful and that was enough for me.
  • Lewis said it all when it came to Doggie and Kat, but i just wanted to note again that I really liked Boomer. While a good (and sometimes abused) assistant of Kat he showed a good heart and his friendship with B-Squad, especially Bridge, was a good thing for him. I’m not sure he grew other than having the guts to face the Troobian forces in the finale but that could be enough. He didn’t get to be a Ranger but like Z he got to be part of something important and I think the show was stronger for his presence.
  • As I mentioned Monday, Broodwing’s counterpart was the closest thing DekaRanger had to a “big bad” but while Gruumm was a stronger villain he was the usual “conquer the universe” baddie where I think something closer to Ransik, just being a criminal (even if Ransik was also on something of a revenge-against-humantiy kick) would have been better for a show about space cops in the future. Still, he was a good character, Moira worked for the show she was in (although I also would have liked to have seen more of her history), and Omni was a decent threat along the lines of Dark Specter.

Power Rangers SPD is one of my favorite Power Rangers shows and possibly my favorite Disney show. I like the characters, I like how the world came together, the stories had weight and the villains were diverse enough to keep me interested. It’s one I very much recommend catching up on if it hits DVD.

I’m trying to decide what to do when it comes time to post Mystic Force. I lost interest in the show and it’s the one season I never really watched. I’m not sure what to add to it, but for now check it out over at Atop The Fourth Wall. And don’t rush him to get to Operation Overdrive. He’s been busy and that show is going to hurt. Quite a bit.

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