Transformers Monstrosity #3

“Couldn’t we just get a lamp?” “Keep firing, I’m trying to read this book.”

Transformers: Monstrosity #3

IDW Publishing (August, 2013)

WRITERS: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
ARTIST: Livio Ramondelli
LETTERERS: Tom B. Long & Shawn Lee
EDITOR: John Barber

On Junkion, Megatron is attacked by the Terrorcons but with an “gift” from Pentaxius, he prepares to retake the Decepticons. On Cybertron, Dai Atlas leads an exodus but Scorponok wants to use it to drive the citizenry into chaos, hoping to seize power in said chaos. Optimus and his team get some help from the Dynobots, who may get what they really want. But what about the Dark Energon?

What they got right: I complain, and with good reason, about all of the multiple storylines Furman uses and I don’t remember if I brought this up last issue or not, but there’s a reason it works here. All of the events going on are either related or connect somewhere. Scopronok took the opportunity to exile Megatron and now wants him finished off, leading to the end of Megatron’s trials on Junkion. Scorponok’s attacks showcased the Dynobots’ issues and led to their getting away, the last during Dai Atlas’ attempt to chase people off of the planet and showing that Optimus was different that Primes past. These tales all mean something together rather than separate stories that are set-ups for concluding in another arc.

What they got wrong: With nothing else to comment on for this section, the usual painted art rant is all I have.

Recommendation: This may be the other “worth recommending” Transformers comic. While the art style fights any attempt to make a Best Scene nomination the story is good enough to work the art into a good comic. Give it a look.

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