Ninja Mouse

Yes, I totally bought that because the ninja resembles Mighty Mouse.

Ninja Mouse Color Special

Section 8 Comics (2010)

WRITER/ARTIST: Wilson Ramos Jr.
read the original black & white version online or order the color printing through Indy Planet.

Originally produced as part of “24 Hour Comics“, this story follows a ninja as he is dropped on a small, deserted island for his final training to become a full ninja.

What they got right: Since this had to be done in 24 hours and there are other rules involve that limit what preparation can be done, the comic is pretty well done. Everything is pretty much what comes into your head. This actually made for a rather humorous tale. It’s not fall-down laughing, but amusing.

What they got wrong: Except for two jokes: OK, the fly using Red Bull to get his wings isn’t that bad but when he has a TV out of nowhere watching Lost? That seems to be stretching a bit, even with the bits in this comic.

Recommendation: If you see Section 8 at a con, which is where I picked this up, it’s certainly worth getting, and I listed the other ways to get it. Beyond those, it’s not worth going out of your way to get (and you don’t have to thanks to Indy Planet) but it’s certainly worth reading more than once.

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