Sonic Universe #55

Note: Sonic does not dress up like a pirate in this story. Or even show.

Sonic Universe #55

Archie Comics (October, 2013)

“Pirate Plunder Panic” part 1
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Thomas Mason
COVER COLORIST: Downer (Sorry, this is what happens when you break out the joke credits)
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski

At the end of “Worlds Collide” Sonic attempted to restore his universe (again) but Eggman interfered. Now Amy, Cream, and Cheese are in Blaze’s world, helping her and Marine track down the final Sol Emerald, in the company of Captain Metal. Also in Metal’s crew are Bean Duck and his pal, Bark, and the not-so-good captain has his own plans for the Emeralds.

What they got right: If we get Bean and Marine together in a scene the results will be hilarious. It’s another “girls night out” story, although thanks to events still one without Sally in it. Also, no sign of Rouge but I don’t mind. Could this actually be the end of Blaze’s quest?

What they got wrong: Bark did nothing in this issue, so I’m not sure why he’s here. I also thought Bean rejoined Scourge’s crew but that could have something to do with Eggman’s meddling.

Recommendation: A lot of fun and I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. Give this one a look.

Oh, Bean. Will your insanity never end?

Oh, Bean. Will your insanity never end?


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