Dog and Alex

Dog and Alex (Photo credit: kartooner)

The Programming Note was supposed to post tonight, not before Today’s Comic. So, rather than go through the trouble of rescheduling it and retweeting it and all that, here’s a video from the guys at Corridor Digital, produced as part of YouTube’s recent “Geek Week”. WARNING: The video contains a scene of a guy being chopped in half, since as gamers can tell from the image above and the title this is based on “Half-Life 2“, it involved the “Gravity Gun” weapon. It’s not gory but you may want to watch it before letting the kids see it. It’s still a dude being cut in half by a big blade..

And of course the behind-the-scenes.

Catch more at their YouTube page. And don’t forget the behind-the-scenes page which also features tips for anyone wanting to make visual effects action skits.

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