Transformers MTMTE #20

“Wait, this isn’t in mint condition!”

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #20

IDW Publishing (August, 2013)

“Remain In Light” part 4 “Arm The Lonely”
WRITER: James Roberts
PENCILER: Alex Milne
INKERS: Brian Shearer with Alex Milne
COLORISTS: Josh Burcham with John-Paul Bove
EDITOR: John Barber

Cyclonus and Whirl have met up with the Circle of Light and they storm Tyrest’s base, forcing Star Sabre to come out and fight Dai Atlas. With the help of new prisoner Getaway, the Autobots escape and confront Tyrest, but are too late stop the killswitch that will kill all cold-constructed Transformer across the galaxy and opening what he thinks is a path to the Knights of Cybertron.

What they got right: I like the ingenuity shown as to how Getaway got everyone out, and how Ratchet got himself and First Aid out of the medbay. Hey, I found something to praise!

What they got wrong: And that’s all the positivity I had. I can see how some people would like the “thought bullet” idea or how Tyrest uses it but I just found it silly, even for this comic. the Circle show up almost out of nowhere. And even for Milne the art is so exaggerated it bugs me. The further “I don’t care how he’s supposed to act” approach to Star Sabre continues but that’s become par for the course with IDW’s Transformers. Watching characters who are supposed to be friends act like mortal enemies and still calling themselves Autobots bugs the hell out of me, I don’t care who likes it.

Recommendation: I want to try and get the final issue of this arc just for review purposes. If I can’t get any more issues after this, I won’t miss it.



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