Kind of need to be quick on this one, so I’m going fast and silly. One of my favorite Daffy Duck cartoons is Stupor Duck, which should surprise nobody. So when an issue of Looney Tunes featured stories featuring the Superman parody I had to get it. Sadly, the third story features Bugs as Super-Rabbit and frankly that short wasn’t nearly as good and that’s not my character preference talking. Daffy plays characters. Bugs play…Bugs.

Tonight’s entry, however, doesn’t come from that story. It’s just Bugs showing up Daffy for no good reason. Sadly, this is my problem with how Bugs is written nowadays, where he’s almost as bad as Daffy. Instead it’s from the better story as Stupor Duck gets his own Titano. At least it wasn’t Bepo. (Seriously, what was even the point of that thing? I don’t care what the marketing says.)

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Wright” round 2

The Battlefield: Looney Tunes #170 (DC Comics; March, 2009) “Stupor Duck Sores (ouch) Again!”

The Promoters: Bill Matheny (writer), Walter Carzon (penciler), Ruben Torreiro (inker), David Tanguay (colorist), and Randy Gentle (letterer)

Gruesome Gorilla is on the loose and supersized. Only Stupor Duck can save the city!

FNF Wright 02

Glad I don’t live in the city.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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Bonus Stupor Duck clip! YAY!


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