BW at ComiCONNI thought this would be the easier video, but then I decided that it needed some clips and images as much as my usual interview videos. In the first of two interview videos from the 2012 ComiCONN convention I had the chance to talk to some big names in comics, and contributors to TV and movies. See what you missed last year?

The interviewees for this one are Chris Giarruso, Man Of Action’s Joe Kelley, Mike DeCarlo, Ric Meyers, Mike Lilly, Paul Kupperberg, bob Greenberger, Peter David (before his heart attack), Matthew K. Manning, Althia Martinez, and Jerry Ordway

Next time it’s the traditional interviews but I think the next video will be another BW Panelling, since we have two from last year’s Brass City Comic Convention plus this year’s BCCC and ConnectiCon. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I need to find a job or a way to make money through this site. I’m going to be very busy.

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