Battlestar Galactica #2 (Marvel)

Worst dance club ever?

Battlestar Galactica #2

Marvel Comics (April, 1979)

WRITER: Roger McKenzie
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
EDITOR: Jim Shooter

Surprising nobody, the Cylons betray Baltar. Among the fleet there is trouble. Some of the food supply is damaged and Sire Uri is causing trouble trying to maintain his political power. The adaptation of the second part of “Saga Of A Star World” (I reviewed the original episode in a poorly-formatted article here) ends with Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer needing to clear a shortcut to a potential fuel supply for the fleet at great risk. Also, we get Boxey getting Muffet 2, the robot daggit.

What they got right: This is the part of the story that shows the hardship for the survivors and introduces both Muffet (and I’m aware I’m the only one who cares) and Sire Uri. While Uri wouldn’t make much of an appearance afterwards in the show the Marvel writers would make use of him in comics. The coloring has improved even if I would question a couple of choices. Muffet also resembles his show self, continuing the trend of actually matching the look of the show, which I discussed in yesterday’s review.

What they got wrong: We get the introduction of Casseopeia who is a still a solicitor as she was in the first story. But nothing of Starbuck and Athena’s relationship. I don’t recall that ever becoming a full subplot for the characters so I don’t miss it that much where time is a factor. However, there’s this talk of an Alliance that has been going on since issue #1, and I don’t recall it ever existing. It was just the Cylons, although we’ll see next issue (this comic ends before part two of the pilot gets to the Orions) they do have one group they’re working with. Maybe it’s something from the theatrical release, which I haven’t seen.

Recommendation: Still a better adaptation than we usually get. It’s worth checking out for fans of the show.


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