BSG Saga Of A Star WorldThis is going to be different than other reviews since I used this book this week to review the first five issues of Marvel’s run on Battlestar Galactica when the show was on the air. I’ll be going to it again to review issues #15 & 16. For today’s article, however, I’m going to look at the book itself.

Battlestar Galactica: Saga Of A Star World

Titan Books (February, 2005)

COVER ART: Garry Leach

Individual credits will be given during the reviews of the comic. The book collects issues #s1-5 and #s15-16 of Marvel’s Battlestar Galactica comics.

The cover art is pretty good…for the collection. For some reason they got fancy for the individual cover scans. Their put into a perspective that makes it a bit difficult to see and ruins the enjoyment. This is why I went to Comic Covers for the cover art. That kind of ruins the experience. The first two issues were even put on the same page, although the others are right next to their comic. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

In the front of the comic are a few “bonus features”. For starters there’s an introduction by Richard Hatch who played Apollo in the original series. I know Hatch loves to push the show, but he actually pushes his vision of the show, and he wasn’t the creator. He and Glen Larson, the guy who SHOULD have done the introduction since he created the series, had arguments about the direction of the show and the fact that people keep going to Hatch instead of Larson bugs me. Glen Larson created the show and it’s his vision that should be more important.

There’s a one-page intro to the original TV series and a two-page look at the Marvel, Maximum Press, and Realm Press comics. This collection came out before Dynamite’s run which is why it isn’t in there. There are also sections devoted to the books and merchandise connected to the original series.

Part of me is disappointed that they jumped to #15 instead of #6 but I do understand why they did that…I think. The next comic began a story arc subplot that lasted for a few issues. I only have some of those comics as my collection is incomplete, but it features the crew finding or inventing (it took place in one of the comics I don’t have) a machine that can tap into memories. Adama tries to use it in hopes of finding information he learned about Earth in his younger years. Sire Uri (told you he was coming back) tries to use the opportunity to seize power and trap Adama in the machine. Stories happen during this but unless Titan was planning to release a second book the story would be cut short. So they chose two later stories, that happens after this arc and another involving Starbuck and space pirates, which means he’s absent (but mentioned) in these issues. He would return in a later story. Maybe they should have stopped at the adaptations and saved the originals for another book, but I guess they wanted to demo some of the Marvel-created stories as well.

We’ll get more into the stories when we reach that point, but issue # 15 has Boomer and Jolly on a mission to investigate a ghost ship, which leads to a dark moment for Boomer. It really isn’t that interesting. #16 is a bit better, as Apollo squares off against a new model Cylon created for the comic.

You may be better off getting the individual comics and they don’t go for a lot in the comic stores. Most of the back issues I picked up were really cheap and I doubt they go for much more now. If you can’t find them, this is probably available online and is a fair substitute to introduce you to Marvel’s Galactica.

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