Battlestar Galactica #7

Guess what doesn’t happen until near the end of the book.

Battlestar Galactica #7

Marvel Comics (September, 1979)

This is one of the comics I actually own.

“All Things Past and Present!”
WRITER: RogerMcKenzie
ARTISTS: Rich Buckler & Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
LETTERER: Clem Robins
EDITOR: Allen Milgrom

I looked up the previous issue. Adama want to equip the other ships with lightspeed travel so they can continue on. In that issue and in this one they are still making their way through the void and last issue Serna had a funeral and we saw both Starbuck and Apollo deal with her death while Boxey tried to remain strong. The important thing to this story is that Adama decided to use a “memory machine” to try and recall the hieroglyphs and Uri used the opportunity to seize power. If I ever get my hands on #6 I will do a proper review.

In this issue Adama continues his journey through his memories. Meanwhile, Uri concocts a plan to trap his rival forever in the machine. Also Athena still believes that Uri is connected to missing ships, and more are disappearing…this time without Uri’s knowledge! Adama may be their only hope now but Uri’s men move in to sabotage the machine, and neither Tigh, Casseopia, or Apollo are able to stop them!

What they got right: I give Marvel credit for continuing the story after the adaptation. While they’re going their own way they are developing Sire Uri as a problem and showing what happened after the events of the first two episodes. We also get to see Tigh kicking butt and even Cassie gets a few shots in.

What they got wrong: You can tell that they didn’t bother to coordinate with the TV show, telling a good sci-fi story but time will tell how well it works as a Battlestar Galactica story.

Recommendation: If you weren’t a fan of the show you may prefer Marvel’s direction. While I’ve read these comics before (at least the issues I own) I never put them through a review mindset before so this should be interesting, at least to me. It’s worth checking out if you come across it, and I picked most of these up in a bargain bin/clearance sale.

I accidentally ended up with a double of this comic, which is available at the Comics For Sale section of my other website, The Clutter Reports.

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