Battlestar Galactica #9

“This never happened on the Ponderosa!”

Battlestar Galactica #9

Marvel (November, 1979)

WRITER: Bill Mantlo
ARTIST: Sal Buscema & Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
LETTERERS: Irving Watanabe & John Costanza
EDITOR: Al Milgrom

Yep, Adama’s still in the memory machine. As everyone tries to figure out what to do next (finding Earth, finding the missing ships, escaping the void freeing Adama), a shapeshifting psychic vampire (say that three times fast) makes its way onto the Galactica, attacking people and becoming them. But when he becomes Adama, his currently status plus the affection of the ship towards their leader is too much for the Mimic, who promptly explodes.

What they got right: By itself, it’s another interesting story, and one that might even have worked on the original show.

What they got wrong: Can we get Adama out of the giant snow globe please? This bit has gone on too long.

Recommendation: This is a story that probably should have waited as it slows down the running storyline. Maybe if the Mimic’s tampering had somehow led to Adama waking up or finding the memory he was looking for I wouldn’t mind. But it doesn’t and it’s an easily skipped story even if it is a good one on its own.

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