You know what we haven’t done yet, fellow Friday Night Fighters? Paid tribute to the return of Hostess! (I wish that included Drakes…best mass-produced coffee cakes ever!) While I was going through Marvel’s Galactica I came across one of the Hostess ads and remembered our error. Well I’m here to correct that error.

Today’s DC and Marvel are to busy trying to see who can stick the broomstick in further to do fun ads like these anymore, and that’s just sad. Thus far I’ve seen Twinkees (YAY!), cup cakes, and Donettes on the shelves, but I haven’t seen the fruit pies. Which is fine because only Little Debbie is looking out for those of us who don’t like (or can’t have) that much fruit by releasing a chocolate-filled pie. Still, if you haven’t seen them they’re supposed to be coming, and as we’ve already pointed out, our superheroes need their arsenal.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Wright” round 4

The Battlefield: Hostess Snack Cake ad, which appeared in many comics in the 70’s and 80’s. This one features the Hulk, which means a Marvel co-production.

The Promoters: Sadly, none of these ever had credits attached to them.

This is an interesting one, as it doesn’t really have a villain. Just a killer tank on the loose and some dumb scientists who can’t program a tank. Lucky for them the Incredible Hulk is around and he loves smashing him some tanks almost as much as he likes fruit pies.

FNF Wright 04

Wait, does that pay? Because you’re going to have to buy those things soon. Hulk isn’t the fruit pie fairy.

See, that’s how we should handle Syria, our current trouble spot of interest. Just drop Hostess pies and snack cakes. Why do you think they came back? Obviously to save us from evil!

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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