Battlestar Galactica #16 (Marvel)

“My advantage over the other Cylons? Depth perception.”

Battlestar Galactica #16

Marvel Comics (June, 1980)

ARTIST: Walter Simonson
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITORS: Allen Milgrom & Louise Jones
Bob Layton is only credited for assisting but the Battlestar Wiki claims he’s the other co-plotter.

Low on Tylium, the fleet heads to a planet that may have it, but it also has a Cylon listening post connected to an explosive powerful enough to destroy the planet. As Shadrack deals with the satellite signal beacon, Apollo and the Viper pilots must deal with a prototype Cylon so advanced that even the Imperious Leaders are afraid of him. In the end it’s Apollo versus the “Mark III Imperator” and the Colonial Warrior will have to use his wits to get past him.

What they got right: I like the idea of a new model Cylon, and Imperator gives them a challenge without being a mary sue that Apollo has to gary stu his way out of. He’s a threat but not unbeatable. Shadrack’s work on the satellite while Apollo keeps the Cylon busy is also interesting thanks to not being bogged down with technobabble (what pops up doesn’t make your head hurt) and keeping the focus on Apollo and Imperator.

What they got wrong: Imperator’s design doesn’t really match a Cylon at all. Obviously he should have some changes, but this guy looks so different he could have been a whole new enemy. At least on the cover the coloring looks like a Cylon, but he’s pure white in the comic Unless that’s a printing error in the trade collection that doesn’t help matters. And his ship looks more like the Caprican battle cruise from last issue, but it’s not supposed to be a Cylon vessel according to a line at the end.

Recommendation: A good story that’s worth checking out.

This completes the comics collected in the Saga Of A Star World trade from Titan. Next week we’ll wrap up the Marvel run with the remaining backissues in my collection.

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