All the times in Best of FNF I’ve celebrated Wolverine abuse and there’s surprisingly little from me. Maybe because I have so few comics with the #@$#@ in it, for obvious reasons if you know me. So it’s a good thing one of the comics from this week’s articles came through for me. Thanks, Drake’s. Glad your back!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Wright” round 8

The Battlefield: Hulk, third issue of the first Drake’s Snack Cakes collection (Marvel/Drakes) “Mayhem On The Mount”

The Promoters: Eric Fein (writer), George Roussos (colorist), and Rick Parker (letterer) worked on the other three so I’m guessing they all worked on this one as well. No credits were given so I don’t know who the penciler and inker were.

As you’ll recall from yesterday, Spider-Man and Wolverine were both trying to find Jubilee and uncover who kidnapped her and was trying to steal energy resources. Their investigation (such as it was) took them to the Mount and Bruce Banner, at the time merged with the Hulk (or not, it’s a long/stupid story). Hulk and Wolverine…are not friends.

FNF Wright 08

Woo,. look at Wolverine fly!

Normally I’d totally side with the Hulk anytime he wants to smack Wolverine around, but I like Jubilee and they’re just trying to find her. That’s a bit cold on Bruce’s part. Besides, Spidey just dropped the “…not!” bomb. That makes him the worse offender. Wayne and Garth he isn’t.

(Please, world, unless your doing a Wayne or Garth impersonation, please stop doing that. Either be sarcastic or don’t. Choose one!)

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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