Battlestar Galactica Centurion Prime


Battlestar Galactica Special: Centurion Prime

Realm Press (December, 1999)

WRITER: Jim Kuhoric
ARTIST: Mike Malbrough
LETTERER: Mark Hayes
EDITOR: J.C. Vaughn

The Cylons capture a cadet named Roz, who reminds Apollo of his late brother, Zac, and what happened to him. This time, though, the Imperious Leader has him turned into a new form of Cylon, and sends him against the humans. However, the Cylon-ized Roz still has a mad-on for Cylons and gladly destroys them, but how will his programming compete with his human side when he looks Apollo in the face?

What they got right: For BSG this is an interesting idea and I think one that played out in the re-imagined series where humanized Cylons decided where they belonged. While the story doesn’t give us enough of a look into Roz’s thoughts there were some good ideas that might have worked in a longer series.

What they got wrong: With some variations this is similar to a Marvel story I reviewed recently and the “he might come back” worked better there. This needed a more complete ending so we really go to see Roz vs. his Cylon conditioning. Even if they kept the part where Apollo never learned Roz’s true fate the tragedy would be stronger if we knew anything about Roz and we don’t. We connect with Apollo’s disappointment if we already know about Zac but here there isn’t enough to connect to. Also, the artwork is easily the worse of the Realm Press stories. While I’m not a fan of the painted style the regular comic art in The New Millennium was a lot better than this.

Recommendation: This isn’t as strong a story as I would have liked to see. It’s not a bad story but unless your a completist this isn’t a “must have” comic.

And with that we are finally done with the Battlestar Galactica comics unless I get some more back issues in the future. Tomorrow will be random comics.


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