New Warriors #29

“It’s been wearing the same clothes for a month!”

New Warriors #29

Marvel Comics (November, 1992)

“World War” part 1: “This Land Must Change”
WRITER: Fabian Nicieza
PENCILER: Darick Robertson
INKERS: Larry Mahlstedt & Brian Garvey
COLORISTS: Rosas/Tinsley
EDITOR: Rob Tokar
GROUP EDITOR: Danny Fingeroth

A group called Project: Earth calls on the Warriors to find out what happened to their associates, the Force Of Nature. This sends Nova, Speedball, Namorita, Silhouette, Rage, and Firestar to the not-Iraq country of Trans-Sabal, where they get caught up in the three-way civil war between the government, the military coup, and rebels who’d rather have a more democratic society. The current government has made friendly with the US government but is keeping their own oil wells burning in secret to get more US aid, which is why the Force Of Nature is there. At the end, Namorita must choose which leader to take down to put a stop to all this…and let’s just say a certain US general isn’t happy with her choice.

What they got right: The framing device is interesting. The team (except for Namorita and Silhouette, the latter appearing to be a plot point for a later story) is appearing on what appears to be a MTV-audience (I may be stereotyping based on the hosts’ visual age) talk show called “What We Share” discussing the events in Trans-Sabal. The name of the show is uninspired but the idea is pretty neat. You can see how the Warriors are affected by what’s happened and as we follow the events on flashbackyou can see why. The part where we get to Namorita’s decision shifts the framing device to her being debriefed and admitting she pulled the trigger, which I assume we actually see next issue. Also, there’s the Warriors’ pilot, Sprocket. Quite the spitfire that one, and I’m afraid to look up her profile because I just know they did something bad to her.

What they got wrong: At some point Nova goes off about war and I have to show you this one,

New Warriors #29 Nova

“Playing out like it was scripted for TV”, Rich? Tell that to the dead and permanently injured soldiers who lost limbs how “scripted for TV” it was. Elsewhere in the issue it talks about how he saw intergalactic war as part of the Nova Corps. I don’t think that gives him the right to look down on the first Gulf War just because we won so easily. I was with the guy in the second panel (who is tied to that subplot with Silhouette I mentioned). I understand that they’re trying to convince the audience that they were in over their heads because those kids weren’t there at the time. Just…something about these two panels irritated me enough to forget how terrible the artwork was. Not as bad as the X-Force comic I reviewed yesterday, but there’s this one panel where Namorita is supposed to look threatening but it was so exaggerated that I doubt anybody would be intimidated.

Other Notes: Two things in hindsight ended up in my head. One is that being on TV isn’t always good for the New Warriors, and the other is the “civil war”, which made me think about the first thing thanks to the set-up for the superhero “civil war”. Thus making me hate that storyline even more. Also, that’s unintentionally two comics written by Nicenza in the past two days and this one was good. This plus Robert Napton’s own writings for Liefeld’s Galactica versus stories Liefeld plotted (the main BSG stories and the X-Force comic I reviewed yesterday) shows that Liefeld’s plots make good writers write a bad comic. It’s night and day comparing X-Force #12 and New Warriors #29.

Recommendation: The art is at least watchable, and outside of Rich’s comments I enjoyed the story and someday I want to track down the rest of this arc. It’s off to a good start.

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